Planning in advance is vital to getting the garden design correct. At Colour Green we look at the overall picture as there's more to being a garden designer than putting together a pleasing combination of plants in a border. Garden design is the art and process of designing and creating a plan for the layout and planting of gardens.

There are a lot of factors that we will consider when designing a garden for example curved lines shape informal garden beds and add interest to pathways. Straight lines evoke a sense of order and a crispness that is more formal.

image There are many factors at play in every garden where to plant a specific Tree ,in time it may look awkward and out of place as it may in time, tower over the front of a house but the same tree if placed in the back garden may provide an ideal backdrop.

We give careful consideration to the balance of the layout of the garden too much emphasis is placed on one side of the garden, your eye will be drawn there and not to the garden as a whole. Type of patio stone is vital one that suits the conditions in your garden and wooden decking which we love working with must be installed in a south facing sunny location.

And then there are the plants colour evokes mood, and reflects the seasons. Cool blues, purples, and greens soothe whereas warm reds, oranges, and yellows liven up the garden think large amounts of yellow Coreopsis (pictured) with there black eyes it just brings a smile to ones face.

Single-colour planting can have great appeal with their simplicity masses of Lavenders is a sight to behold as are Blue Hydrangeas(Pictured) Flowers are the jewels of the garden but too many different colours look chaotic.

Gardens in Ireland are cast in darkness for at least 5 months during the Winter so lighting a garden should be a priority but needs to be low key and complimentary rather than overwhelming . Backlighting silhouettes a sculpture, tree, or shrub or Side lighting can also produce a great effects for driveways and paths.

Giving a facelift to features in the garden such as painting the garden furniture (Pictured) can make a great impact.

All these factors and more will be considered when we design you garden.