Garden with Peach Trees by Colour Green

A wet garden that cannot be cured , a windy garden that cannot be established, a densely shaded or dry garden that wont establish itself or a garden that has simply got out of control. At Colour Green we work with experts as varied as Agronomists who deal with Lawn and soil problems, which are for more common, than one might imagine. Constantly wet gardens or lawns need expertise to find the source and deal with the problem.

We don't work with Tree Surgeons if we can help it, we consult with are our Arborist, which is step above Tree Surgeons. They have a fundamental understanding of Trees that need remedial action not perhaps cutting down as many Tree Surgeons will no doubt prescribe. Trees are our planets lungs, and need to be preserved; we work to pursue that goal wherever possible.

We also work with one of Ireland Finest Plantsman to create planting for difficult locations like Dry Gardens, Exposed Gardens, Heavily Shaded Gardens and Woodland Gardens.

We plant or manage Pleached Trees this is the Method of giving Mature Trees a formal Classic Italian Look. We can introduce them in this shape already shape previously suitable trees to this look.

Other dilemmas that we can handle include the Propagation of Mature Trees or Shrubs this can be done by a method of Air Layering and is ideal for mature plants of sentimental value.