Landscape Gardener in Dublin Eugene Higgins Garden Design

Landscape Gardener in Dublin Eugene Higgins Garden Design was born into horticulture. Specialising in Garden Design, Landscape Design and Maintenance

Whatever style of garden you like, Landscape Gardener in Dublin Eugene Higgins Garden Design can accommodate you. From a Formal Garden to a Patio Style Garden or simply a lawn with borders, Landscape Gardener in Dublin Eugene Higgins Garden Designer is happy to undertake.

Even if its just planting that is required (Our Favourite) we are equipped for whatever the challenge is. Making sure the correct decisions are made is vital and that the garden is suitable for what is planned.

Gardens vary greatly from densely shaded to very windy to extremely dry and these factors have to be considered to ensure that the money invested is spent wisely and correctly. This is done by selecting the correct plants, patio stone and suitability of the size of the garden for the proposed landscaping.

Planning in advance is vital to getting the garden design correct. At Colour Green we look at the overall picture as there's more to being a garden designer than putting together a pleasing combination of plants in a border.

Garden design is the art of taking a green space and designing the garden with the client in mind. For example a patio may be required for a family who love entertaining.

There are a lot of factors that we will consider when designing a garden for example curved lines will shape informal garden beds and add interest to pathways. Straight lines evoke a sense of order and a crispness that is more formal.

"Eugene did a great job on our garden last summer. He was creative, professional and the whole thing felt like such a collaborative experience. He kept in touch with us afterwards, checking in on the lawn and the plant. We couldn't be happier with the results. And the work came in bang on budget."

(Jennifer and Gavin, Glasnevin).


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Colour Green and the Environment

As our name "Colour Green" suggests we endeavour to be as Environmentlly Conscious as we can.

We do not install Plastic Grass or Plastic Based Composite Decking.

Plastic Based Products have no place in the garden due to Health and Environmental Implications.

Landscape Gardener in Dublin Eugene Higgins Garden Design

Where ... We Design Gardens, Fix Gardens, Manage Gardens, and most Importantly "Love Gardens".

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