About Eugene Higgins Colour Green

About Eugene Higgins Colour Green

Eugene Higgins Colour Green has written extensively about Gardening including a weekly gardening column for "The Irish Mail on Sunday" for 7 years and has worked with Síle Seoige on her Newstalk radio show, but Landscape Design and Garden Management is his real day job under the banner "Colour Green"

Born into Horticulture in a plant nursery/garden centre in north County Dublin, started in 1940 by his grandfather, so his excuse is, "that its in my blood!".

Managing gardens that need love and guidance and development on a regular basis rather than the soulless maintenance, is something that Eugene has developed during the last few years ,as well as been regularly requested to find solutions for "Problem Gardens" is another area that Eugene has specialised in.

In 2002 his then garden centre, Colour Green, won "Best Specialist Garden Centre Ireland" this was awarded for his love of plants and innovative ways to use them in the Irish Garden.

In 2013 Eugene was invited to speak at the "Philadelphia Flower Show USA" giving a number of lectures on how to create "The essence of an Irish Garden" for gardeners in the USA at the Gardener's Studio.

For 2016 Eugene is heading up a tour with tour Italian Specialists Puglia.ie with a "Garden and Vineyard Tour of Puglia" in Spring 2016

About Eugene Higgins Colour Green

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